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The ‘Oriental Odyssey’ concerns the adventures of a German traveler (told in the first person by the original author), Kara Ben Nemsi, and his friend and servant Hajji Halef Omar in the Orient. The journey is eventful insofar as it crosses strange and wonderful territories, which are carefully described for the readers’ enjoyment. The first book tells a tale of murder, deceit, betrayal, kidnapping and a long chase over the sands of the world’s largest desert.
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Vic Epp Voice overs for Nemsi
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The two travelers discover the corpse of an unfortunate man and a dead camel. Signs of a struggle suggest foul play and the scanty evidence that is scattered in the desert sands suggest to Kara ben Nemsi that a murder has been committed here and that the perpetrators are still within reach. A hurried ride to catch them now ensues …
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Having identified the murderers and relieved them of their ill-gotten gain, Kara ben Nemsi and Hajji Halef Omar pursue them further so that justice may finally prevail. The dangers of Chott Jerid, which our travelers must cross, is described in horrific detail.
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